I am NOT related to those people LOL

August 2, 2006 at 11:25 am | Posted in Mood, Reunion | Leave a comment

We (Daniel and I) went on a week-long family reunion and it felt like a two-week long torture.

I am not related to those people.

They are not related to me. I am not sure how we all got to know each other….

I am the one that was criticized all week: for not smacking my child around with a hand (in the face or on the bottom); for not smacking him with a hanger in the bottom or with a belt on the bottom or a ruler on the legs. THEY all do it, or did it, why don’t I????

I was also criticized for doing the family bed: now this is NOT something I announced to them, my mother took it upon herself to announce to the world that my family sleeps together, “what do you think of that?” and of course they all told me it was WRONG and SICK, etc., etc.

Every time I turned around, they were telling me to CONTROL my child. HELLO, he was NOT out of control, he was behaving like a typical 7-year old boy, and I was not going to haul him by the arm and slap him like YOU DO.

Who are these people and why are they calling themselves my cousins?

Even Daniel’s cousins were asking him hadn’t he ever been slapped in the face like they had. He just looked at me with this startled look on his face.

OH and when I did the counting for him, y’know, “1-2-3 Magic” counting? They thought that was hysterical and at one time when a cousin thought Daniel was misbehaving, she screamed “1-2” at him and he froze. I just about lost it.

In fact, the night before we left, I DID LOSE IT. There was screaming and tears and I told one cousin and my mother that I didn’t appreciate all the cr@p they had been throwing at me all weekend……..I didn’t criticize THEIR mothering and G*d knows I could have.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant and vent. I needed this. Ron heard it all yesterday and he said too bad HE wasn’t there things would have been LOUDER and he doesn’t want me going back there.


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