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Can I just share how crazy my week has been?

last Saturday, we had to clean the church basement and kitchen for our annual Fall Feast (which will be November 5). we had to clean and empty all the cabinets so they could be sprayed since we had bugs (yuck!).

then on Monday morning, we had a family therapy session at 8 am, then at 1 pm, I had to return to the church kitchen to put it back together (with the help of only 3 other ladies), it took us 2 hours and a LOT of sweat.

on Tuesday, a friend and I delivered posters for the blood drive (being held on Monday, November 6) and that took about 3 hours.

today I was supposed to go shopping to pick up the hams and turkeys for the Fall Feast but couldn’t go because I had to take my Mom to the city for tests at the hospital; they ended up NOT able to do them all (it was their fault). we went to the Olive Garden for lunch (naughty me, I overate) and then she took me shopping for TWO new pairs of shoes (I’m spoiled!). then we returned to her place and she (thankfully!) helped me color my hair, it was getting so gray!

tomorrow after Mass, I have to go shopping for the rest of the things we need for the Fall Feast, then take her to pick her car up from the shop (it needs a new battery).

I don’t think I have anything planned for Friday! OOPS! yes, I do, I have to get my mammogram at 8:30.

on Saturday, I have to bake a turkey for the Fall Feast on Sunday! and de-bone it and save the broth for gravy, yummy!

on Sunday is the Fall Feast, I’ll probably be there from 7 am until around 3 pm………but it will be yummy!

on Monday is the blood Drive, I’ll be there from 11 am until around 3 pm…..

on Tuesday, I have to take my mom back to the hospital for her testing at 9 am – they are giving her a pill, doing a scan, then she can leave the hospital but has to return in 6 HOURS for another scan.

on Wednesday, she has to go back at 9 am for who knows what else and I hope it’s not another 6 hour day!

I think that’s all that I have planned…….so what have YOU been up to this week?

hubby called me before coming home and I just about fell apart over the phone…..I am completely and utterly OVERwhelmed.

Calgon, take me away!!!

OH NO, hubby just came in and called me upstairs – he has to go to the HOSPITAL right NOW because he was working in his workshop and cut of PART OF HIS FINGER!

Of course, he doesn’t want ME to take him, he can take himself……..

GOSH – what else can happen?!?!?

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