Is This Wednesday?

September 5, 2007 at 9:15 am | Posted in Church, Mood, School! | Leave a comment

Wow, did Labor Day confuse me this week….

Naturally, Daniel was home from school on Monday.  Um, well, on Tuesday when he got dressed for school, he put on a tee-shirt and shorts.  Problem is, he’s not supposed to wear shorts to Mass on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  I didn’t realize it was a Mass day until we got to school.  Too late to go home and change!  I was so upset with myself!  I called the school secretary and told her to give my apologies to the principal, that I had gotten mixed up on the day of the week and totally messed up.

Today is Wednesday.

Today is Wednesday.

Maybe if I keep telling myself over and over that it’s Wednesday, it will soak into my brain.

TWO MORE DAYS until the salad luncheon.  Everything (except the ICE) has been purchased and most of it is in the church kitchen.  Some of it is in MY kitchen, some of it is in the trunk of my car.  Keep on praying that the NEW church hall is completed in time for us to get in there on Friday!

I have baked all my cookies, too.  Decided to do it the easy way – instead of baking from scratch, I bought those

break-apart cookies and did them!  I was going to bake 5 dozen cookies – but when I realized I had to do them, plus make 3 salads, plus get the hall ready, plus take care of home stuff, I decided to let go and do it the easier, softer way!  

So even though they aren’t from scratch, my home smells delicious, like home-baked cookies!



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