Today is Wednesday…….of that I am sure!

September 12, 2007 at 11:43 am | Posted in Church | Leave a comment
This is the first day this week that I haven’t had to go anywhere or do anything special. Not that I’m complaining, mind you….
Monday was the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive. It was a huge success! We had at least 37 donors come in and of those 37, only 3 were refused for various reasons. We’ll get the final numbers next week.Tuesday my Mom had to go to her endocrinologist in Springfield. She got a good report. And she has to go back in December, so we’ll go again.

Today I dropped Daniel off at school, had some oatmeal at the Family Restaurant and then skedaddled over to the library to type up the minutes of the Region 2 Board Meeting that we had August 23rd (I’m just a little slow LOL). Also, I had to write up a THANK YOU to the ladies for everything they did to make our salad luncheon successful. Then I went to the church office to copy them off (I will give them out tomorrow at our Region 2 Meeting).

FINALLY, then I came home!

There is a load of laundry in the washer and I have to sort through Daniel’s clothes to wash more when that first load gets out.

OH and I called the Bariatric Center…they STILL don’t have their Center of Excellence stamp! But the lady I spoke with said that my file is in perfect order, they have everything they need and are just waiting to be able to send it in to Medicare. They told us on August 18th that they were HOPING to get their approval from the government “at any time” whatever that means. WELL, what it means to me and a whole bunch of other people is “have a nice wait, we’ll let you know when we get to you”! Darned government paperwork! I just want to get in there and find out IF and WHEN I can meet the doctor and have surgery…

Adios for now!



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