Happy Sunday!

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Yesterday was a busy day!  At first there was the psych eval (also known as The Inquisition, haha!) and then the Fun 4 All at church.

The Inquisition was long and, well, it was long.  It did last about four hours and it was at times, a challenge.  We had the interview part first.  The doctor asked me about the actual weight loss surgery and how much I knew about it.  Ha, surprised him, I told him everything I knew – he said, “You’ve done your research, haven’t you?” and I have!  Then we went onto my personal history (bleh!).  Once that part was over we went onto the cognitive testing and the personality testing.  I have no idea why they want to know how intelligent I am…do they refuse surgery on people who don’t know the meaning of the word “panacea”?  The personality test was the MMPI, the one I took in Arkansas.  Boring!  Anyhow, he said that everything was going to be transcribed and sent off to Dr. D in Columbia and then we’ll just wait some more.

The Fun 4 All at church got rained out.  But we had a nice crowd come in for the chicken dinner!  Too bad the children’s activities outdoors were rained out.  They had a beer garden outdoors and it was gettiing some people.  Not me, of course, but I did see people out there.

I used my cpap machine again last night.  I haven’t been using it for a few nights because my allergies have been so nasty, and it’s hard to breathe with the cpap machine and blow my nose at the same time.  But yesterday my nose seemed to have cleared up, so I used it, yippee.  Sometime during the night, though, I woke up and the mask was sitting on my chest, haha, I have no idea why or when I took it off…of course I put it back on, though.

Dinner tonight is fajitas.  The meat is marinating.  Ron is cutting the grass, it’s gotten very tall with all the rain we’ve been having.  Daniel is playing with a remote control truck he purchased yesterday at the Fun 4 All.

Okay, off to the laundry room again.  Again!  I’ve already folded one load, there’s one in the dryer, one in the washer and I have another to put in after that…..sheesh!

Hasta la vista, baby!



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