Today Has Been Busy

September 24, 2007 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Allergies, Busy, Busy!, Doctor Appointment, Late, Late, Late!, School! | Leave a comment
Typical Monday.  Whew!  Am I home?  Am I sitting down?I had my allergist appointment this morning in Joplin, which is about 45 minutes away.  Before heading to Dr. S’s office, went to Pet Smart for my mom.  Her cat needed food and litter and it’s so much cheaper to buy it there than at the vet’s or in town.  So I went there first and got Sammy what he needed and then went back across town to my 11:40 appointment, only to find out that my appointment was supposed to have been at 11:20!  Sheesh, was I embarrassed!  I am *never* late for appointments but I goofed this time.  The nurse said it was no big deal, though…thank goodness.  Anyway, the doctor gave me a prescription for eye drops and for Allegra and told me to get a kit to rinse my sinuses.  The kit isn’t available at Walmart (wouldn’t you know) but only at Walgreens…and there is no Walgreens here in town so while I was in Joplin, I went to the Walgreens.  Wow!  $16 for a kit just to rinse my sinuses!  I hope it helps.Then I ran to eat lunch…it was nearly 1:00 by then.  At first I was going to Wendy’s but decided to try Backyard Burgers.  Yuck!  Should have gone to Wendy’s!  Oh well, next time.

Drove home, dropped off mom’s cat stuff and she asked me to go to the store for her.  She’s got horrible sinus drainage and instead of calling the allergist she sits there and SUFFERS and of course, lets everyone KNOW about it….so I went to the store for her  *sigh*

Then I picked up Daniel from school and we came home.  Thankfully he doesn’t have any homework, except to go over his spelling words.  Right now he’s outside on his bike.

Tonight is a Home and School meeting at 6:00 pm.  We are meeting Ron at the school for that.  Afterwards (whenever that will be), we will go out for dinner.

Can I go to bed yet?

When we get home from dinner, Daniel will need to grab a shower and study his spelling words and then it’s going to be bedtime.  It feels like bedtime now, haha!

Tomorrow I get to volunteer all day at school…hooray!
Hasta luego!

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