What a Crazy Day!

September 25, 2007 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Fire Alarm, OMGosh, Scary Day, School! | Leave a comment

Holy Cow!

It started out as just a simple day.  Tuesday, September 25.  Just another day.  I dropped Daniel off at school, went to the 8 am Mass then over to school to volunteer all day.

At approximately 2:50 pm the fire alarms went off.  The principal was in our classroom finishing up art with the 3rd graders and looked as startled as the rest of the room.  One of the assistant teachers rushed into the room and was touching her nose, indicating that she could smell something…the children by now had become nervous.  Some of them stated that they could smell something, too.  Some of them were just scared.  Our principal went down to her office and next thing we knew, she broadcast over the intercom that we were to line-up at the door and have “Early Dismissal” for all those children whose parents were already waiting.  So we helped the 3rd graders get their backpacks and line up at the door.  By the time we got there, the firetrucks (three of them) and a police car had arrived.  Those poor parents waiting in line waiting for their children must have been TERRIFIED!

We got children out the door as quickly as we could.  By now some of them were crying…Daniel looked alright, I kept half an eye on him while I helped get the children out the door.

OH, did I mention that it was POURING DOWN RAIN while all of this was happening???

We had about 30 children left when the principal came to us and announced that the problem was SOLVED, that it was due to the workmen who were on the roof of our new Parish Hall.  Apparently they were outside working (in the rain?!?) and had left the door propped open.  The rain blew in and there was a problem with some of the electrical circuits…and so the fire alarm went off.

While we were listening, the fire trucks and police car drove off.  Then the alarm went off again!  But we just reassured the children that it was the same problem and to just sit tight and wait for their parents.  Eventually all of the children went home and by then, three of our teachers were SOAKING WET from delivering the children to their parents’ cars.  One of our teachers has a class tonight and wouldn’t have time to go home and change out of her wet clothing – and she has a 1-hour commute to class.

Finally around 3:30, Daniel and I took our umbrellas and went to the car and headed home.  WHEW!

When we got home, I called one of the kindergarten moms that I’ve become friends with.  She picked up her little one while the firetrucks were there and I knew she would be wondering what had happened.  She told me that she was in a PANIC when she saw them, but that “J” told her his understanding of what happened.

Okay.  Take a deep breath.  Be glad that it was only a SMALL issue and NOT a real fire!  OMGosh, I was fine until I realized that some of the children were in tears and then I felt my heart break for them…it was dark (the hallway lights were off) and the alarms were blaring and the teachers were going in and out with umbrellas delivering children…it was scary.

But it’s over.  Thank you, God, for watching over us, and thank you, God, for our devoted teachers who got soaked.  The things we do for love!


Now I need to find a recipe for mac and cheese that won’t make a HUGE dish, one that will make just enough for us.  Ta-ta for now!



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