It’s Wednesday Afternoon

September 26, 2007 at 1:57 pm | Posted in Power Outage, School!, Sinus Problems | Leave a comment

I’ve calmed down since yesterday LOL

No seriously, I have.

This morning I went grocery shopping for the next two weeks and spent over $160.  Ah, don’t you love grocery shopping?  It’s been pouring down rain since yesterday and I almost didn’t go until I guessed that the rain had stopped long enough for me to go in and out of Walmart.  Luckily, I made it and didn’t get drenched.

I’ve been rinsing my sinuses out for a couple of days now and you would NOT believe how wonderful it feels!  Daniel loves to help me fill the kit and pour in the solution and stir it.  He’d pour it in my nose if I’d let him, haha!  I found their website on the internet and the kit that I am using.  It was cheaper at Walgreens than at their website.  I use the kit with the “neti pot” that looks like a genie lamp.  So, if you have sinus trouble, I would highly recommend you try it.  But don’t get it from their website, go to Walgreens, okay?

The power went out this morning at some point.  Again.  And silly me, forgot batteries for the clock radio.  I’m going to have to write myself a big note and maybe ask Daniel to help me remember.  He likes batteries.  Many of his things use them, so he’s like a battery expert.

Oh and “J” called me today and said that she has a sick little one and could I take her place tomorrow at the “Stomach” display at school?  What?  She is such a sweetheart, I couldn’t tell her no.  So tomorrow I get to be the beginning of the small intestine!  OMG!  How funny is that?  She’s stopping by tonight with an envelope of what I’ll need to memorize to tell the children tomorrow as they tour the “Stomach” and stop by me.  Oh Daniel will get a kick out of this.

I was going to fry chicken wings for supper but after running around Walmart all morning, and having Mother Nature (yes, my period) show up along with killer cramps, I am thinking that I shall just put up a pot of spaghetti.  Thank you, PREGO!



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