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I’m POOPED!  What a morning…this morning was the “Stomach” tour at school.  Lucky me, I was the stomach and small intestines.  We got there at 8:30 for orientation and then we got to visit until the children started coming in at 9:00.  The sixth graders were first and boy, were they rowdy!  They came in groups of five or six.  It was quiet at first until all of the stations were filled with noisy children, then we presenters had to speak up louder and louder.  The Home & School president brought ice cold bottles of water for everyone because she knew we’d need them and boy did we!  I almost lost my voice towards the end.  It was so much fun!  It’s too bad “J” couldn’t do it but I’m glad I got to.  We finally finished up with the touring around 11:00 and then we tore down the exhibit and loaded it up in the van.  They came from the University of Missouri at Columbia.  Tomorrow they’re going to a neighboring town to set up again.

Then I called my hubby and asked if he’d treat me to lunch in the cafeteria at work.  He said to come over around noon.  That left me with 25 minutes to go to the library and return some books (a couple were late!) and find some new ones to read.  I got to his office at about 10 ’till 12:00 and called him and he was able to come out right away.  He had a salad for lunch and I had a hamburger.  I told him that BEING a stomach all morning made me hungry, haha!

Tonight, Daniel has soccer practice.  Thankfully the rain has stopped.  But poor dh has to come home and mow.  He’s leaving town on Tuesday morning for a conference in Minnesota and the grass has gotten really out of hand, due to all the rain we’ve had lately.

I’m so tired…it’s always fun volunteering at school, but they wear me out!  

After soccer, Daniel and I get to go out for dinner.  Maybe he’ll want pizza?  Sounds good to me!

Gotta run – bye for now!

~ Patty


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