Hello, Friday! Thank Goodness You’re Here!

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Ahhhhhhhh, I think I’ve recovered from yesterday.  I found the website for the activity we had, click here and you can learn all Food Power.  The webpage shows the layout of the program…I was the stomach and the small intestines. I didn’t do a puppet show like it mentions, though…I just had to talk alot.  The children loved it, they said it was GROSS!  They loved the jar of “Belly Barf” and the photo on the wall of stomach contents.  Eeew!

Just called the bariatric center and they STILL haven’t received their Center of Excellence standing YET.  It’s still pending.  So my file just sits and waits.  Like me.  Oh well.  I’ve done everything I’m supposed to.  Waiting is hard.

Last night after soccer practice, ds and I went to Mazzio’s.  We had a medium pizza and couldn’t finish it.  There are three slices in the fridge for my lunch.  There’s also the leftover macaroni and cheese from two nights ago, so I can have either.  NOT both, haha!

After while I need to fry those chicken wings for dinner tonight.  We’ll have them with mashed potatoes and a veggie.  I need to fry them early and then stick them in the fridge because the guys like their fried chicken cold, not hot.

And since it’s Friday, I’ve started my laundry.  Right now there’s a load of jeans in the wash.  I need to do all of dh’s workclothes since he leaves on Tuesday morning for Minnesota.  OH that reminds me, he needs a jacket to take along and it hasn’t been washed since he wore it last…it probably needs washing.

Okay, time for me to check the rest of my email……BBL!

~ Patty

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