September 28, 2007 at 1:48 pm | Posted in Doctor Appointment | Leave a comment

Ouch!  My toe hurts.  I have been wearing my Crocs all day because the insides of my slippers have both unglued and I can’t get them in straight.  I’m supposed to wear shoes at all times so that I don’t step on anything dangerous (like a Cheerio in the kitchen?) and damage my diabetic feet.  The end result is that wearing Crocs all day (instead of my slippers) is that my TOE HURTS!  Part of me wants to call the doctor – he’s in Carthage, about 30 minutes away – and schedule surgery for SOONER than THURSDAY.  But if I have to go to Carthage, then I’ll have to drive home 30 minutes with one sore toe.  Where’s the Motrin?!?

Hmm, if I am sitting and not doing anything (like right NOW), then I can take off my left Croc at least.  Problem is, it’s hard to SIT and DO NOTHING while you are doing laundry………shoot!  So I guess I’ll just sit and do nothing.

What I really want is to go to Walmart and see if they have any Isotoner slippers.  The slippers that I have (the ones with no more insides, ha ha) were their brand and they aren’t old at all…I’m rough on shoes, or so my dh says.  I wonder if the local Walmart carries Isotoners………hmmmmmmmm, where’s my phonebook?

AWWWW, rats!  They don’t carry them.  And I’m not going to Joplin or Springfield to buy a pair for $20.  I’ll spend that much just in gas, just to get there.


Maybe I can convince my hubby to let me order myself a pair?  It’s worth a shot!

~ Patty


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