Tomorrow is Soccer!

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Tomorrow is Daniel’s second soccer game.  It’s at 11:00 am in Cassville.  The weather promises to be gorgeous!  Go, team!I’m glad the weather will be nice tomorrow.  I hope that the fall weather doesn’t turn nasty during soccer season.  Last year, the teams practiced and played in some cold and rainy weather.  There was one game that was so wet and nasty that we parents got together and ganged up on the coaches and referee and made them call the game.  We had to forfeit the game, but it was silly to have the children out in the cold rain.

We just got in from having dinner.  Yes, I fried chicken and even made a pitcher of lemon tea but when dh got home from work, he didn’t want fried chicken.  So he took us out to the family restaurant in town.  He had blueberry pancakes, ds had chicken strips and I had a BLT.  We’ll have the chicken tomorrow, nice and cold the way they like it.
I just started the dishwasher…I’m such a messy cook!  I don’t clean up as I work, the dishes get piled up in the sink and I don’t do anything with them until I’m finished.  What a lousy housekeeper!  Well, I’m TRYING to change!  Just this week, I’ve joined the Flylady’s emailing list and have her book, Sink Reflections.  Checked it out at the library and might have to buy my own copy.  She has her own website, too and I’ve gone there for inspiration (ha ha!).  I asked dh the other day if he would build me a pantry in the basement so that I can de-clutter my kitchen and he’s agreed to do it.  Yay!  So, see I’m trying!Well, I’ve got jeans in the dryer to take out and hang up…the kid needs a shower before bed.  If he gets in now he ought to be done by 8:30…that child takes the longest shower!

Ta-ta for now!

~ Pattyp.s., I just remembered that today is my sobriety anniversary – thank you, God for 21 years of sobriety!


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