After Dinner Notes…tra la la!

September 29, 2007 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Busy, Busy!, Centerpieces | Leave a comment

We just finished dinner.  It was yummy.  Fried chicken wings, smashed potatoes, corn and asparagus.  Naturally, my 8-year old took one look at the asparagus and announced that he didn’t like it.  He’s never had it before!  I laughed and told him that he had it while still growing inside of me and I didn’t hear any complaints about it then…he didn’t laugh.  Oh well.

Hubby has gone up to his workshop to create something beautiful.  He’s going to make a centerpiece; it holds votive candles.  Very pretty!  I told him I get the first one.  I had hoped he would be going up to work on my downstairs pantry, but he said nope, not yet.  He’ll need about $100 for the wood to start on that…and right now, there isn’t an extra $100 in our bank account.  Darn!  Anyway, he’ll make the centerpiece and take it to work…the people he works with will LOVE IT and make orders for Christmas presents.  Then he’ll be one of Santa’s helpers, working in his workshop.  Last year he made beautiful picture frames…I lost track of how many he made.

After taking a bath after the soccer game and having dinner, my Daniel has gone outdoors.  He’s been out there already half an hour, so you know he’s going to need another shower.  Especially since he’s been playing with the dog.  Eeew!

I’ve got one last load in the dryer…where do all these shirts come from, dear husband??

Time to go visit Amity Mama, one of my favorite hang-outs…then I’ll head upstairs to finish my book and hopefully start on another one before bedtime.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty


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