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last night I had a really long post and then my computer froze up.  Totally.  So I lost my post.

I went to bed and then we had a thunderstorm come through and it zapped the power in my home and we overslept this morning.


Anyway, yesterday is over.  Today is here.

My car battery was dead in the morning.  We had to go to Mass in dh’s truck.  On the way home from brunch we stopped at the auto parts store for a new battery.  $65 for a new one.  Oh well.

I stopped at Walmart this morning and got a new battery for the clock radio so we shouldn’t oversleep anymore when the power goes off.

My dh is going to Minnesota in the morning; the clock is set for him to get up at 4:45.  Lucky him, he doesn’t have to fly commercial, he gets to go on one of the company’s private jets.  He’ll be home late Thursday.

I need a laugh…time for a QUIZ:

You are 66% Obsessive.
You are a closet obsessive. You are obsessive, but nobody really knows it because you are quite good at hiding it.
‘How Obsessive Are You?’ at

ha, ha!

Gotta run………….

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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