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October 4, 2007 at 8:45 am | Posted in Autism, Credit and Copywrite, Sally Meyer, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

To anyone who read yesterday’s entry – notice that today it has been edited and a copy-write has been added and credit is given to the original author!

I remember getting the poem in 2004 but not the person who shared it.  Apparently that person changed the poem around by deleting parts and adding their own ideas.  TACKY!  It was written by a mom named Sally Meyer, to honor her autistic son, Dhylan.  I’m not sure how, but Sally discovered that I had posted the poem on my blog and left a comment to me, asking me to add her copy-write.  Which I did…and I send Sally HUGE apologies.

And thank you, too, Sally, for sending me the ORIGINAL words to your poem to Dhylan.


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