I’m back…

October 28, 2007 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Busy, Busy!, Church, Time-Time-Time | Leave a comment

…like you needed to hear from me again tonight? ha ha!

My dh explained to me that because our computer is so OLD, it’s messed up and thinks that last night was the Daylight Savings time change.  It’s hell getting old, isn’t it? ha ha!  We need a new computer.  We also need a new television.  Humph!  I doubt we get either unless one or the other totally dies.

We had a good dinner.  NOT fried chicken.  I just wasn’t in the mood to destroy my kitchen and make a mess tonight.  I am a very messy cook!  So, we had spaghetti instead.  Not messy, just simple and quick and delicious.  Thank you, spaghetti sauce in a jar!

Tomorrow we (me and D, yes, the one that drops gravy on my toe) are delivering posters for our Fall Feast, which is next Sunday (November 4) at church.  We will serve turkey and ham, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and green beans, homemade rolls and bread, homemade pies and cakes – all for $7 adult or $3 child 12 and under, preschoolers eat free.  We do it every year, it’s our Parish Council of Catholic Women’s main fundraiser.

Also when we are delivering those posters around town, she and I will deliver the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood-drive posters…our next drive is November 5.  This coming January will mark three years that I’ve been volunteering with them.  Last December, my “boss” and local coordinator, M, and I went to the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in Springfield and we both received plaques in appreciation of our work.  It was pretty exciting.

I’m almost done with the laundry that I had been messing around with earlier.  There are two basketsful that need hanging up…bleh!  I hate that part!

Okay, off to do some more playing around.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty


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