Sunday…What time is it?!?

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Okay, I’m totally lost.  My computer clock says it’s 2:29 but my kitchen clock and bedroom clocks say it’s 3:39.  When does Daylight Savings start?  I always thought it was the last weekend of October but obviously my computer thinks that it’s THIS weekend.  I called my mom and she told me her girlfriend in KCK called her to remind her to change her clock last night – so mom called my dh and he said not to do it until next weekend.  We went to church at the regular time and nobody was late…what is going on?!?

Anyway, back to my world…I’m doing laundry and need to fry some chicken wings for dinner.  We’ll have them and smashed potatoes with gravy and a veggie.  Daniel is at the skating rink…Ron took him and they were supposed to meet a friend there for a belated birthday celebration.  Last week was L’s party but Daniel was sick.

My toe is feeling much better, thank you very much.  Although on Friday, while preparing for a funeral dinner at church, my friend D dropped a container of gravy on it, ha ha!  It hurt (of course) but I made out like it hurt really really bad and made D feel awful, I love teasing her, it was so funny.  All day long (we were there from 10:00 am until around 1:30 pm) whenever I knew she was looking at me, I would limp and moan, ha ha!  I’m so terrible.  Of course at the end of the day I told her it was fine and that she was worried over nothing, then we looked down at my toe and saw that it bled through the bandage and then she got all upset again!  It’s been gooping ever since but not too badly…I go see the podiatrist on Thursday and will make sure and tell him about the “gravy incident” ha ha!

OH for Halloween, guess what I’m going to do?  My hair is naturally curly and it frizzes like crazy unless I put mousse in it…remember a while back my dh told me I looked like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket?  WELL, the other night I was brushing my hair before bed and played around a bit and had an idea!  I’m going to wear a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants and FRIZZ my hair all over the place and go to Daniel’s school as a HAIRBALL!  I might get some of that puffy paint and draw a kitty face on my sweatshirt…

I’ve ordered cupcakes for the party at school this Wednesday and purchased some juice packs and napkins, too.  I’ll call one of the moms and ask her to make some goody bags – she told me on Saturday that she wanted to help.  The children get to dress up and then parade around the playground, then come in for their treats.  It should be fun!

Okay, off to check laundry.

~ Patty

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