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I am like JUMPING UP and DOWN still!

This morning I called the doctor’s office in Columbia to get an update on my weight loss surgery paperwork.  I called right at 8:00 am when the office opened…spoke with Tammy…she said that my file is no longer in her section, it’s been taken to the next level UP and that they will be CALLING me SOON for a CONSULTATION!

OMGosh!  I almost jumped through the roof of my car – thank God I wasn’t driving and was parked.

I immediately called Ron at work, thank God he was there and I didn’t have to leave him a voice mail.  He could barely understand a word I said, though, I was so EXCITED and screeching for JOY!

Then I called my mom and she had trouble understanding me, too, I was just talking too fast!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  We are FINALLY getting somewhere!

The workshop hubby and I went to was Saturday, August 18 and I had my paperwork completed and in the mail on Tuesday, August 21.

I wonder when they’ll call…I wonder when the doctor will have time in his busy schedule to see me…

I’m not looking forward to a 5-hour drive but as excited as I am, it feels like I could FLY there on my own!

Then when I met my friend D so that we could deliver posters, we screeched like little girls and jumped up and down and hugged each other.

Okay, so when do I get to go and have my consult?!?

I’m ready to go TOMORROW!!!




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