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I’m still on a high from yesterday’s news.

Okay, here’s what I’ve found out so far:  I read through the paperwork from the bariatric center and found out that I need to have a whole load of lab work done prior to the consult.  They gave me a listing of the lab work with instructions to go to my family doctor and have her order them and then fax the results to their office.  So today after running around Springfield, I stopped by Dr. P’s office and left them a copy of the request, and told the office secretary to call me when the lab request was ready.  I’m sure I’ll have to go to the local hospital to get all the blood drawn – which is a good thing because the young woman who draws blood at Dr. P’s office can NOT do it right the first time and always leaves me with bruises.

Also, my surgery has not yet been approved by Medicare.  Not until AFTER the consult and the doctor’s approval will my paperwork be submitted.  BUT to me it’s still a good thing that the doctor wants to see me.  I’ve made it one step in the process.  I just hope that I can get in to see the bariatric surgeon before the end of the year…I know there’s no way to get everything done and have surgery by the end of the year…that would be great…but I’m pretty sure it won’t be that soon.

I’ve spoken with Daniel about the idea that we (his dad and I) will be going to Columbia to meet with the doctor about my surgery.  When first confronted with the idea of my having wl surgery, he was pretty distraught…especially about the being separated for about four days.  He and I have never been apart for that long.  Now I know some people mya think “too bad, he’ll be fine” but my ds and I are very attached – we have been since his birth – and I respect his fears.  I told him that if he had any troubles thinking about my going up to Columbia that he should come to me with them.

Now I just have to wait…for Dr. P’s office to call me in to get my paperwork for the lab work, and for the doctor’s office in Columbia to call me to schedule the consultation.


I am an impatient person but this will be worth waiting for.  A chance to get my life back.  A chance to be healthy.  A chance to maybe get off my high-blood pressure meds and maybe one of my diabetes meds.  A chance to be able to run around and play with my son…wow.  There are so many gifts just waiting for me.

~ Patty


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