Happy Halloween!

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Trick or treat!
Smell my feet!
Give me something good to eat!

We used to say that when I was a little girl…taught it to Daniel this week.  Hopefully he won’t say it tonight while he’s trick or treating, ha ha.

So this morning I dropped him off at school with his costume in a bag; he carried in his ninja sword.  His teacher took the sword and put it in the classroom closet because she was concerned it would be played with.  Hmmm, she’s pretty smart, ha ha!

I dropped off the cooler with juice and ice, too, so I don’t have to worry about it later;  I pick up the cupcake cake at 1:30.  That should give me enough time to get to school before 2:00 when the party officially starts.  The children will get to dress in their costumes and then parade around the playground – then they’ll go to their classrooms.  Our 3rd graders will get cupcakes, juice and a treat bag.  Daniel wanted me to buy pop instead of juice but I refused.  They’ll have enough sugar as it is.

I’m in my cat shirt with my leopard print headband.  The shirt came out pretty cute.  I used a bowl to trace around with chalk for her head and a lid to one of my pans for her body…drew triangles for ears…used white paint to trace the chalk for her head, body, ears and tail…green eyes…a pink heart-shaped nose and a little pink mouth…all I need to do is FRIZZ my hair and I’m ready to be a hairball.

I’m meeting D at 9:30 to pick up turkeys and hams and a few other supplies for the Fall Feast.  I’m baking a ham, a turkey and a pie.  And will be working from 9:00 until 11:00 on Sunday.  I do not miss being president of the PCCW and having to be there all day long…I mean, it was exciting to be such a big part of church and to be involved is good, but it was so much WORK and such an awesome responsibility.  And my family needs me.  It took me away from them too much and my dh was upset about it a few times.  Now he reminds me if and when I am doing too much…he and my ds need me at home.

~ Patty


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