It’s Wednesday!

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I’ve been at the library two mornings in a row, typing up the minutes to this past Monday’s Parish Council of Catholic Women meeting and to the last Region 2 Council of Catholic Women General meeting that was held in September….I’m only a bit slow!  And now I’ve copied the minutes and have the envelopes all addressed and stamped and ready to put in the mail.  

Next week is our Region 2 Board meeting in Aurora.  And then in December we’ll have another General meeting, in Billlings.  I’m looking forward to them both, especially the December one since it’ll have a Christmas theme to it.

I’ve also gone to Walmart today…needed a bit of groceries and bought ds three long-sleeved shirts.  The other day I went through his clothing and tossed out a LOT of long-sleeved shirts that are way too small for him.  He’s going to need new tennis shoes soon…and definitely some new soccer shoes but that won’t be until next spring.  

I forgot to post about his GRADES the other day…all As and one B+ that was .3 short of an A.  My dh wondered why the teacher couldn’t give extra work for extra points so that he could have made that B+ an A too.  Oh well, he did very very well and we are both very proud of him.

We also got his scores on the Iowa Basic Skills Test and overall he scored in the 86th percentile!  Wow!  And get this:  in the Vocabulary testing, he scored at a 6.7th grade level….that means he scored at a 6th grader in the 7th month of the year level!  OMG!  His teacher was VERY excited about that, none of the other children scored as high.  We’ve always read to and now read with ds….we’ve never spoken “baby talk” to him….he’s around adults alot more than he is around children, so that makes a difference too.

Wow, where did this child come from?!?

Anyhow, that’s all the latest from our neck of the woods.  I’m off to Amity Mama to get caught up, since I haven’t been there for a couple of days.

Hasta la vista, baby!

~ Patty

EDITED TO ADD:  a pic of my smart and cute son and a note that he’s in THIRD grade.



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