Friday Night…Movie Night

November 9, 2007 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Feeling Sleepy, Grocery Shopping, Movies, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We went to the movies tonight…saw The Game Plan.  It was cute.  I went in expecting to NOT like it since it has that guy, The Rock, in it, plus there was going to be football.  But it was a good show.  Daniel really enjoyed it, too.  We ate a huge bucket of popcorn and shared a huge Diet Dr. Pepper.  Then afterwards, dh wanted to go out for dinner.  Ack!  I ordered a salad and was only able to eat half.  Thank goodness for doggie bags!  I can have the other half tomorrow for lunch.

I’m making up my menu for next week.  I do that so that I will stick to my budget.  DS gets to choose the meal once a week and this week he wants pizza.  We (dh and I) aren’t crazy about Totino’s pizza so this week I offered to buy a pizza kit and we’ll make one from scratch.

I am so SLEEPY today.  Last night I was really restless…this morning after taking ds to school, I took a nap on the couch for a couple hours but ever since I’m still tired and could fall asleep if I just lay down…not sure what is going on.  Need to take my vitamins…that’s going to be a part of my life once I have surgery…

Speaking of surgery I am still waiting to hear from them to schedule my consultation.  I don’t care when they want me there, I’ll cancel everything else to get there!

Okay, it’s going to be 8 pm soon…going to sit with ds and watch tv a while.

Adios for now!

~ Patty


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