Oh it’s such a COLD evening!

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Baby, it’s COLD outside!  and it’s misty, too…I am not a COLD-weather person.  Give me some warmth, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Another busy day with D.  Went shopping!  Yay!  Purchased many beautiful things such as a set of placemats with matching napkins for setting the table on Sunday.  Plus some candles.  We are still in need of fancy dishes (including salad plates) and wine glasses.  D is to call around and see what she can find. 

Went out for lunch at Applebees.  I had never been there before, we had “ribettes” and they were pretty good.  They were “All you can eat” but I couldn’t even finish my first platter and had to get a doggie bag.

Then we shopped some more and I found some pretty capris for the Christmas Party.  They’re dark navy denim with lace around the ankles.  And since they are “average” sized, the lace comes to my ankles.  They’re going to look so PRETTY with my black patent leather ballerina slippers and my navy velvet top!  OH and I purchased a pair of snowflake earrings today, too.  All set for the party!  BTW, the couple we asked to drive down with us….they want to take the bus….they’ve never been on a charter bus and think it will be fun.  So dh and I will drive down alone.  But hey, we get to go!

I wish we could afford to spend a night in a Bed & Breakfast in Branson….but with $$ tight for Christmas, I doubt it would be reasonable.


Anyway, it was a very productive day!

Now I’m tired, dh is tired from his long day at work and ds is acting like he doesn’t feel good.  We went out for Chinese for supper and he barely ate.  And his eyes look tired.  So he’s going to bed at 8:00 pm.  Me, too, I think, just in case he IS sick and needs me during the night.

Okay, that’s my day in a nutshell.

Hasta Luego!

~ Patty


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