So I’m sitting here playing my HARMONICA!!!!!

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OMG I’m just cracking myself up today!


Don’t you love the chipmunk?  Tee-hee!  It’s so darned cute, I couldn’t resist.

Anyhow, I’ve been busy today so far.  I’ve done the minutes (FINALLY) for the Region II Council of Catholic Women and called all the presidents to remind them of our next meeting (our Christmas party!!), I’ve typed a family letter to send out with our Christmas cards (I always SWORE that I would never do a thing like that to my family, but none of them are aware of the freaking YEAR we’ve had, and I’ve decided they all should know.

And a year it has been………..

January:  ice storm, going without power and water for 16 days and having to stay at my mom’s apartment, three adults and one restless 7-year old.

February:  ds getting pneumonia and missing two weeks of school.

March-April-May-June:  dh getting dx’d with CANCER and having two major operations and missing three months of work.

Thank GOD dh’s cancer is in remission, his prognosis is excellent but GEEZ what a terrible few months that was.

And now I’m sitting here waiting to hear SOMETHING from the surgeon’s office in Columbia about a consultation……will I qualify for WL surgery?!?  will Medicare approve me?!?  when can I have surgery after my approval?!?


I think I need to calm down.


Anyway, I’m alright.

Yesterday was the very successful dinner for the Priests….they all enjoyed the dinner.  My SOUPer roast turned out wonderfully, if I don’t mind saying so myself LOL  All the ladies pitched in and it was wonderful-good food.

Okay, time for me to boogie………..

Maybe I’ll bbl?!?

~ Patty


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