Hello, it’s…um…Wednesday night!

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This morning I thought it was Thursday LOL

OKAY, so all you parents out there, tell me if you think I handled THIS ONE right………

The children in my son’s 3rd grade sit in groups of three or four.  One of the three boys my son sits with has been purposely excluding him from study time, saying, “OK, time to work together A and B” while ignoring my child.  This has been going on since Monday as far as I know.

Today my son got in trouble for pushing at this child’s feet with his feet – not quite kicking, according to him.  He got his desk temporarily moved and the teacher gave him a frowny face in his assignment book.  According to my ds, the foot pushing was in response to another “let’s exclude D” game and my son just got upset.  Can you blame him?!?

I turned my car around and headed back to school as soon as I heard this.  My mama-fangs and mama-claws were out.

Luckily the teacher was still there.  I told ds to sit in the hall quietly while she and I spoke.  She informed me that she wasn’t aware of the exclusions nor of the reason ds was pushing the other child’s feet out of his private space.  She thought it was both of the boys…but WHY did she only move MINE?  

Okay, calm down, mama.

She said she only moved him temporarily, just until they both calmed down.  HUMPH!  

Anyway, I told her about the fact that I understand that children will be cruel and on the playground, all is fair in love and war but that in the classroom, excluding a work partner didn’t seem appropriate.

She definitely agreed and said that she would speak to the other child in the morning.  Alone.

I told my dh about all this at dinner.  I wondered if instead of contacting the teacher, I should have contacted the child’s mom.  After all, our boys have been friends since preschool (age 3!).  If my ds has done something to her ds to cause him to feel negative towards him, we need to know, kwim?

My dh said no, let’s see what happens from here on out.


It’s so hard to be a mama bear and protect my little cub from everything and everyone.


~ Patty


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