Back to the Harmonica Again! LOL

December 6, 2007 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Day's Accomplishments, Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Okay, so on this day, I:

1.  Woke up at 6, showered and got dressed
2.  Woke up ds and made sure he got dressed
3.  Took my morning meds
4.  Made breakfast (Toaster Strudel) for ds and I
5.  Got him to school
6.  Got a phone call re: St. Nicholas Day, telling me to come in at 8:30 and not 8:00 to pass out candy
7.  Ran to store to get things for chili making
8.  Ran home to drop off things and started chili
9.  Totally forgot about St. Nicolas Day
10.  Took a nap
11.  Had lunch
12.  Addressed envelopes for Christmas cards
13.  Addressed envelopes for minutes to Board Meeting

14.  Checked out some more books from library
15.  Renewed books that will be due on the 7th…tomorrow!
16.  Borrowed large crock pot from church kitchen
17.  Picked up ds from school
18.  Got phone call from dh telling me that we can ride the bus to Branson after all – yay!
19.  Went home
20.  Got the mail – nothing fun today
21.  Made a poll – it worked!
22.  Put chili into crock pot to get warm and let the flavors blend  together until after dinner
23.  Dinner?  Spaghetti and meat sauce

Then after dinner, wash up ds and get him into his suit for the school’s Christmas Program at 7:00.  We are supposed to be there by 6:30.

So, do you like beans in your chili?!?

~ Patty 


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