WELL! Are we finally getting somewhere?!?

December 18, 2007 at 3:51 pm | Posted in Christmas, Uncategorized | Leave a comment
I called the doctor’s office today – to ask why nobody has called me in for my initial consult.  The gentleman I spoke with sounded surprised that it has been two months that my file has been in that level and nobody has called.  He sent me to another lady to speak with and she tells me that they are going by date order and that my date should be coming up within ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!

Are we finally getting somewhere?

I will feel so much better after going in to see the doctor to at least find out if he thinks I’m a good candidate for the surgery and then we’ll send the paperwork in to Medicare.

So even after I get in to see Dr. de la Torre, I’ll be playing the waiting game.  They said at the initial workshop that it could take 9-12 months for the whole thing to play out, up to the date of surgery.  Yeah, they meant it, didn’t they?!?


I hate waiting.

Oh well, there’s not much else to do but wait.

Speaking of waiting, I had to wait for my ISP to get their act together….they were offline for a few days and I couldn’t connect and it was terrible, having NO COMPUTER!  Then today when I finally got online, I had almost 300 pieces of email……..most of it was spam, but still………it had to download.

Things are fine otherwise.  We’ve been busy at school wrapping presents for families that each class has adopted and we’ll make deliveries on Thursday and Friday.  Our 3rd graders adopted a class with a mom and four children.  My ds and I will make their delivery on Friday after school.

Okay, time for some more cookie baking…….I’m baking cookies for all the teachers at school.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty


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