The Cookie Factory is Now Officially CLOSED!

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I have been slaving in the kitchen baking since SATURDAY.  I have cookies for TWELVE teachers (each in their own little cute Christmas container) plus a big bowlful for the TWENTY-TWO people my dh works with.  Plus fudge for them.

Tonight I frosted my LAST gingerbread man.

The Cookie Factory is now officially CLOSED!

Um, until MONDAY, anyways LOL

On Monday, we must bake for Santa.  I have some sugar cookies that sound really yummy…….the roll out and cut out and decorate and frost kind.  SH!T, this is a difficult time of year to be diabetic.

Speaking of which, my sugar has been way out of whack.  Usually in the mornings I run around 110, but for the past 2-3 weeks, it’s been in the 130-140s and even this morning it was 167.  And for dinner last night, all I had was a small portion of spaghetti with meat sauce, one slice of garlic bread and for dessert, a PEAR.  NO cookies.  I have been careful in what I eat.

I called the endocrinologist and he said to add a new med to the ones I’m already taking………and to phone in my sugar for this week to him next week.


I hate diabetes.  It really sucks.  NOPE, not as bad as cancer does, but it really does suck to be a diabetic.  I am so overwhelmed with my three meds:  one I take 45 minutes before breakfast and dinner, the second I take 10 minutes before breakfast only, the third I take 5 minutes before breakfast and dinner and it makes me nauseated sometimes.  And then there’s the monitoring.  I do it before breakfast and this week I’m doing it before dinner.  Tonight before dinner it was 105, so that was a good reading.

What a pain.

Anyhow, tomorrow is ds’s last half day of school before Christmas break.  Lucky kid!  I’m spending the morning there with him in the classroom volunteering and then at 11:00 am, we’re having a Birthday party for Baby Jesus, complete with singing Christmas songs, then pizza and pop and cupcakes.  Yay, a sugar rush for 100+ children!!!

Then we (ds and I) are delivering Christmas presents to the family that the 3rd grade adopted.  I hope ds realizes how blessed we are to have to many things……..some of the families adopted asked for such simple things………things that I take for granted, like shoes for their children or a curling iron for the mom, a flashlight for the dad…….wow.  Whenever we need to make any purchase like that, we just do it without thinking twice.  God has been good to us.

Okay, off to Amity Mama to see what’s going on –

Hasta manana!!!

~ Patty


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