Happy Wednesday!

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Tomorrow life finally gets back to NORMAL!  Both dh and ds return to their jobs – work and school LOL!  It’s been nice having them both around but JEEZ, can I have the house to myself?!? 

Today I ran around with my friend D.  We were all over Joplin – went to Red Lobster for lunch (she bought since I drove); then to Office Depot, Target, and Kohl’s and then to Starbucks for a snack and then to Office Depot one more time!  Whew!  We left home around 10 this morning and didn’t get home until 5 tonight.  Then I fixed dinner and am chilling out here in front of my computer.

My ds is watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.  I swear that child knows every time it’s on and would watch it 24/7 if he could.  He’s very excited about returning to school tomorrow.  More excited than dh is about returning to work LOL.

The two of them got haircuts today; I need to get my hair colored again, the gray is starting to reappear in small amounts.

OMG!  We went to church yesterday and then out for brunch and this little old lady called dh my ds’s “Grandpa”!  I had to correct her, I tried to do it nicely but JEEZ PEOPLE, he’s NOT that OLD!!!!!  Poor dh!  He said he already FELT old yesterday but to have someone do that to him made him feel older.  It’s tough being an older parent.  

Okay, oh, today I bought ds some new jeans…..one pair he won’t even wear because they zip and button shut…..he hates button closures on his jeans.  So guess what?  I get to return to Joplin and return the jeans.  There’s no Target here at home.  I also bought a really cool calendar for MOMS that will keep me organized (yeah, right LOL). 

Gotta run over to Amity Mama and see what’s new………

Cya later!!!

~ Patty


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