Okay, So Here’s the Scoop!

January 6, 2008 at 6:04 pm | Posted in Neighbors, Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Our next door neighbors are getting divorced.  They have a 13-year old boy and an 11-year old daughter.  The wife had gastric by-pass surgery about two years ago and since losing all of her excess weight, has been running around town and staying out until all hours of the night (and morning).  She’s moved out and is living with a couple of 21-year old single women.  My hubby found all this out tonight when the husband came over………
So what do you think?

The husband blames the surgery on the dissolution of the marriage.  My dh says that they must have had problems before surgery.  But if not for the surgery and her losing over 150 pounds, she wouldn’t be running around until all hours of the night.

My dh told him that I was planning on having surgery and his reponse was, “Don’t let her have it!”  Poor guy.  He’s such a nice guy and their children are super nice.  The boy plays with my 8-year old (basketball and video games).  I feel so sorry for the husband and children.  I don’t feel sorry for HER because she chose to leave her family behind for the “wild life” that she’s leading.  I see her every once in a while at a local store; she told me she wants plastic surgery so she’s working a second job.

I just cried when dh told me about their divorce.  So sad.  And then I told my ds, and he asked me, “Who gets the kids?”  and when I said they were going to stay with their dad next door, he said, “Good.”

We knew a few months back that they were having problems, but this is only the second time one of us has spoken directly to them about it.  The first time was when he and I spoke at Walmart one afternoon; he was totally HEART-BROKEN that his wife was running around with her girlfriends until 4:00 in the morning.  Wouldn’t you be?!?  Call me old-fashioned but that just isn’t right!

At that time, my dh and I spoke and I made a promise that I would NOT be selfish and stupid and run around like that after I lost my weight.  My running around days are LONG over, they ended in 1986 when I got sober.  I have no inclination to run around with anyone until 4:00 in the morning.  

It’s just so sad.

Anyway, that’s where my mind is tonight.

I’m curious to know if anyone knows of similar situation(s).

Hopefully not……………..

Adios, I’m off to visit my friends page.

~ Patty


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