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Would you believe me if I told you that my dh FIBBED to me when he told me that everything was ALL CLEAR on Monday night at 10:00 pm?


Barry and Lawrence Counties were in tornado warnings ALL NIGHT until 5:00 am.  We could have blown away!  I was very upset, needless to say.  He didn’t apologize, just said that at 10:00 pm, he was too tired to stay up and listen to anymore reports.  WHAT?!?  If he had called me out of bed, I would have stayed up and listened or better yet, taken my child and gone to sleep in the basement. 

This morning I heard on the radio that the National Weather Service has determined so far that a total of 22 tornadoes zipped through the Ozarks.  My lovely dh told me that he found out that one hit 1/4 mile from our home.  Driving ds to school on Wednesday, I saw where it hit, plus we discovered a dead cow (with its head detached and missing its skin).  EEEEWWWW!

I hate living in tornado alley!  And this was a freaking January storm, just wait until spring when they are SUPPOSED to be coming around.

Okay, onto better and not to gross and scary stuff………….I’ve been busy preparing for a funeral dinner on Sunday.  Our PCCW meeting was supposed to have been on the night of the tornadoes.  Monday is the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive at our church.  Since it’s at our church, we are in charge of cookies, and since we didn’t have our meeting, I had to call ladies to see who would work and would bring cookies.  Let’s see, what else have I been doing?  OH, this past Wednesday, I went to a meeting at church to learn how to be a Eucharistic Minister (one who gives out Communion).  

So it has been a busy week and next week promises to be as busy although God willing there will be NO tornadoes.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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