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So I decided to call Missouri Bariatrics Services today instead of waiting for February 1.  I spoke with the office manager who informed me that there are approximately 200 people ahead of me waiting to see 1 doctor.  Yes, 1 doctor.  The one that I want to see.  Because Medicare took so long to approve them as a Center of Excellence, there is a HUGE back-log.  He (the office manager) was very nice and explained it to me very clearly, I don’t think he blew me off, he was very polite about it.  DAMN MEDICARE!  But since I am older than some of the 200 people and I have some health issues already, I will get boosted ahead of some of the younger and healthier ones.  Does that make sense?  


Pardon my language but I was hoping and praying to get this done SOON and get my life on track.  He couldn’t give me a time estimate…..which I didn’t think he could, but I asked anyway LOL!  He did say that some people were going ahead and having copies of their paperwork sent on to different centers and offered to help me out.  Naturally, I told him YES (hell yes!) and asked if they could send the paperwork to the other center that Dr. de la Torre works at in St. Louis.  Columbia and St. Louis are only an hour away, so it doesn’t make that much difference in driving time…..


I called my dh (yes, I run to him when I’m upset, that’s what he’s here for) and he said that it may be April or May or June before I get surgery, that I could be patient and wait that long, it’s not THAT LONG…..well, he’s right, but it’s still a LONG time.  This journey started in August and I’m just impatient.

So the office manager is to email the form to me, I’ll fill it out and mail it back and then start bugging the center in St. Louis!  What does Mary (

)say?  That “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and I’m about as squeaky as they come!

I’m trying not to get overly overly emotional about it because then I know that I will EAT EAT EAT away the upsetness and since that’s the LAST thing I need, I’m not eating.  I mean, not eating anything extra other than what I usually have, like lunch and dinner.

Dinner tonight will be HAN BURGERS, as found in the Star Wars Cookbook  that I discovered at the local library.  They are named after Han Solo, the guy that Harrison Ford played.  They are just made from ground beef and worchestershire sauce but according to my son, they are going to be stupendous.  Hmmm, we’ll find out tonight!

Anyway, he (my son) went back to school feeling much better.  And speaking of son and school, he’s got HOMEWORK to start working on, so I better run upstairs and grab him and put him to work.

Hasta Luego!

~ Patty


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