Friday Morning

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 Well, I’m still here.

Still frustrated over yesterday but I will survive.  

Last night’s HAN BURGERS were delicious.  Daniel ate all of his.  My dh couldn’t finish his; he’s started on Byetta (10 mcg) and it totally upset his stomach.  He stayed home sick today.

Hmmm, wonder if he’s not sick from the Byetta, but with the stomach bug that ds had the other day?  Oh I hope that I don’t get it!

I went to the DePaul Health Center website and copied off their Seminar information; one of their requirements before surgery is that you attend a seminar.  There is one on Feburary 6th, being held in St. Louis with Dr. de la Torre leading it.  I would LOVE to meet him.  Maybe I could twist his arm and force him to operate on me LOL 

(just kidding)

Anyway, this morning I have a meeting with our parish Priest…..we had a discussion on Monday night at the PCCW meeting and someone brought up the topic of asking our families to pay for the meat at their loved one’s funeral.  Me, I don’t like the idea.  If I have to bury a loved one, the last thing I have on my mind is spending money on food.  My mom said she would donate funds for food; my dh when I asked him, he said that he wouldn’t think of it.  One of our other parishes in the region asks the family to order the meat, pay for it and deliver it to the church for the meal.  I just don’t like it.  It’s in our by-laws that the PCCW provides the meat…..we’d have to change our by-laws, which is no big deal.  But I don’t feel comfortable asking for money, period, much less from a grieving family.

What do you think?

So I’m at the library this morning waiting for it to be closer to 10 am, so that I can go see the Priest.  My fingers are freezing, it’s cold in here.  After my 10 am meeting, I’m meeting a couple of the PCCW ladies so that we can go over the Handbook for 2008.  We are switching groups around and adding the new ladies who are joining our church this year.  Then we need to get the Handbooks printed and mailed out with requests for dues.  We finally raised them after 25 years LOL  Now the dues are $10 instead of $5 which will help.

Supper tonight will be “Raspberry Porkchops” and buttered potatoes and veggies.  Yummy!

Tomorrow ds has a basketball game at 11:30.

I hope that dh is feeling better.

Gotta run.


~ Patty


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