Icy Weather Today!

January 22, 2008 at 11:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized, Weather | Leave a comment

The clock radio woke me up at 6:00 am this morning with news, weather and SCHOOL CLOSINGS!  I knew that something was falling from the sky last night (dh told me) but had no idea that it was messy icy stuff.  So, ds is home from school today!  He’s still in his pajamas and we just had breakfast (Life cereal w/milk).  After I get finished here, he wants me to watch him play his new LEGO Star Wars game….yes, he has two LEGO Star Wars PS 2 games.  He got the second one on Saturday night from Best Buy….we got it for him after we got him the $50 shoes.  $50 for shoes for a little boy!!!

I posted here and in the WLS group about my dilemma of being torn between two bariatric centers.  I want to go to the seminar in February….I forwarded the hotel list to my dh and he’ll copy it for me (my printer is out of ink) and then we can discuss it.  He can’t go, it would mean he’d miss two days of work.  One of my best friends told me she’d go with me, though!  Yay!  Road trip!  If it doesn’t cost too much for the hotel plus gas, I think we’ll go.  Maybe my mom would loan me her car, it gets so much better gas mileage than my Toyota 4Runner.

Cross your fingers for me!

Okay, off to Amity Mama to see what’s new.

~ Patty


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