It’s Tuesday and I’m Still Alive! (XPost to my Amity Mama open Forum)

January 29, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Posted in Feeling Yucky, Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Although Sunday morning was pretty scary.  I was taking my shower, in preparation for going to church when all of a sudden my left breast, shoulder and arm went numb.  The numbness travelled down my side and down my leg to my foot and toes.  I was so scared – I somehow climbed out of the shower and grabbed a towel, all the while calling to my dh to help me.

We managed to get me dried and dressed, he dressed and the three of us (he wouldn’t stop to take ds to my mom, he was too scared) drove to the ER.  They did a CT Scan which showed up perfect…no bleeds in my brain.  My blood work all came back perfectly, too.

But I was still NUMB and scared.  I couldn’t walk, so they admitted me.  

Then on Monday, the doctor ordered a chest Xray and neck Xray and they discovered something like arthritis on my neck/spine, which is like a bone pushing the nerve, causing nerve damage.

The doc said his only concern is that the numbness shouldn’t be affecting my side or legs…so he ordered an MRI and an MRA which I had last night.

Then he sent me home with the promise to call me today.  Which he hasn’t done yet.  I’ve called his secretary and left a message.  My mom says “No news is good news” but I can’t believe that.  He’s just busy!

So today the numbness is gone, except that I still feel weak on my left side.  I was able to fix dinner for my family and clean up.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?  It’s not a tingly-ness, it’s numbness.  My arm actually shook yesterday while it started…

My dh and ds went to basketball practice.  I wanted to go but didn’t want to miss any phone calls.


So much for trying to get our medical bills caught up from dh’s hospitalizations last year….God only knows what these two days will cost us!

And to top it all off, my family doc is out of the office and the hospital doc can’t even get ahold of her.  She’s going to have to send me to a neurosurgeon for this neck/spine problem, because the hospital doc says it’s going to be chronic and it’s going to get worse before it gets any better

~ Patty


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