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 It’s me!  Feeling better and very relieved.  I finally heard from the doctor yesterday (the doc that I had in the hospital, not my family doc, she’s still out of town, darned her LOL).  He got the MRI results and thank GOD, there is no problem in my brain.  No bleeds, no damage, just a normal brain for your typical, average 46-year old woman.

I told my girlfriend, “Hey, at least they found my brain!”

I still feel occasional numbness.  Like yesterday, when I went to open the door for Daniel, I moved suddenly (he banged his head on the door and cried out, so I ran) and then I felt some numbness.  I hate it.  Oh, the hospital doc says that right now, he thinks my family doc will prescribe some physical therapy and maybe put me on NSAIDS but that eventually I will need surgery because a bone doesn’t go away.  And since it’s poking me on a nerve on my spine, it’s going to need to go away.


I don’t like the idea of surgery on my spine.  I can handle thinking that I can have my weight loss surgery, that’s no big deal but my spine is a whole other story.  The hospital doc (Dr. D) said that if the surgeon messes up and causes scar tissue, it could be worse than the initial problem.  Crap!  He didn’t have to tell me that, did he? LOL

Anyhow, I’m at the library using their computer and it’s snowing so pretty!  We’re supposed to get up to 9 inches.  Yahooo!  Maybe ds won’t have school tomorrow?

On Monday, I missed our School Walk for Diabetes.  I was stuck in the darned hospital, so a dear friend took over for me.  We did so great!  The children walked a total of 839 laps around the playground and raised a total of $1,683.01!  Isn’t that wonderful?  The 1st graders won the pizza party since they walked the most laps.  We had 3 children collect $100 or more (one of them was mine, he collected the most, $130!).  I am depressed that I missed it…….oh well, it couldn’t be helped.  I could not have managed to have been outdoors on Monday morning, I could barely walk……..there’s always next year!!

Okay, I’m finished for now.  I may be back later…………


~ Patty


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