What to do? What do to?

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I have two dilemmas, one major, one minor.

First:  my ds finally feels better and his fever is gone.  But his cough is no better.  I would hate to send him to school and have him go outdoors for recess and work up a sweat and start coughing really badly.  Also, if I were the mom of a healthy child and I heard “this cough”, I wouldn’t want the child near mine!  So I don’t know whether to keep him home tomorrow (for his 3rd sick day) or send him doctored up on Tylenol and cough syrup…..

Second:  went to the orthopedic surgeon and he says that YES, there is definitely some damage to my neck/spine due to bone spurs.  And he wants to do ANOTHER MRI – this one on my lower spine.  I almost burst into tears when he told me this.  THREE MRIs!  THREE times in the tube!  I don’t want to do another one!  But until he can see the extent of the damage he can’t make a good decision of what to do.

As for now, he wants me to consider getting Epidural Steroid Injections…ack!  They’ll be painful but they’ll help.  He didn’t say how LONG they would or could offer relief, though…or how often I’d need them.  PLUS they wouldn’t be stopping the problem, just covering it up.

He also mentioned physical therapy and a neck brace…oh that’s just a LOVELY thought…me wearing a neck brace for the next few months.  Surgery IS an option, but not what he’d pick as #1, although as he said, it’s totally up to me!

I was so upset that I forgot to mention the fact that I should be having gastric bypass surgery this summer (or whenever), so had to call back and tell his nurse.  Just in case that surgery would have any effect on his decision.  She said he’ll know more AFTER the next MRI.

When I came home, dh and I discussed it, and we both are leaning towards the PERMANENT solution of having the darned surgery and getting on with my life.  As it is, it was hard to drive an hour to the city (YES, I drove myself) and it’s impossible to know when I’m going to go numb on my left side….

Life sucks right now.

All I want is to stop going numb, for my son to get healthy and STAY healthy and to get to have my weight loss surgery.



~ Patty


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