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I called M last night and we had a good talk.  I’m so grateful that she was home!  Now if only there was a meeting to go to…there is, instead, a thick layer of ICE on the streets of town (and out here in the country) that closed down all the schools and many businesses, so there will be no meeting for me today!  Maybe later I’ll call M again.  We are supposed to get together this week as soon as I know when my MRI is scheduled for.  Even the orthopedic surgeon’s office in the city is closed – I heard it on the radio – so they won’t be calling me today.

Thank God for sponsors who care.  She told me that it was REMARKABLE that I wanted to drown my sorrows – then she laughed and said she was kidding….said it would have been remarkable if I had NOT wanted to drown my sorrows, since, after all, I still am a drunk!  DOH!  Anyway, she told me to do something that causes me not to think of my problems, get out of myself and call her again if I need her.  Which I will do.

Oh it’s no fun being a sober drunk sometimes, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than being an active alcoholic.  Getting drunk would not help my problems, only multiply them by 1,000,000.  We talked about how the FIRST drink can feel good but then it can’t stop at one, it takes more to make the feeling last and by then, what a mess my life would be.  So I will not pick up a drink today.  

Or tomorrow either.

There is too much at stake for me to lose:  my child, my husband, my life.

Anyhow, have you ever seen lightning and heard thunder during an ICE STORM?  We had all three this morning!  It was crazy and loud and the cats were afraid (they hate thunder) and one ended up under the blanket with me LOL  Now it’s stopped although we are in a Winter Storm Warning until 3 pm.  Lucky ds, no school for him, he’s been home since Wednesday, I doubt he remembers what school is LOL

My dh took my Toyota 4Runner to work, he said that the roads were just slushy where he drove….thank goodness he got in safely.  His office doesn’t close.  Ever.  Even last year when we had the 2-week ice storm, they had to go into the office.

Okay, off to see my Friends’ Page and hang around other places……….

Hasta la vista!

~ Patty


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