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I found out Saturday (yesterday) that my favorite radio station is going to still give away tickets to Michael Buble!!  They hadn’t said anything about them for so long, I thought maybe they changed their minds LOL but there was an announcement yesterday that all this coming week (Monday-Friday) during the noon hour, Cindy will be giving away tickets in pairs!  OMG!  I have to win!  They are for his KC concert on March 7.  The radio station is calling it a “Girls’ Night Out” and they are even providing LIMO SERVICE to KC!  Woo hoo!  Cross your fingers for me!!!!!!!

My son’s cough is back.  It started up again yesterday morning.  He still got to play basketball, though.  But now he’s got the sniffles and sneezes with the cough.  His appointment is with the allergist on Tuesday…we’ll see what he thinks needs to happen.  This poor kid has missed so many days of school and I just know he feels like crap!

Dinner tonight was good.  I made a potato quiche.  Instead of using pie crust for the bottom, I used the frozen hash browns you get at the store….topped them with 2 beaten eggs, maybe 1 cup of swiss cheese (finely grated) and maybe half cup of shredded honey ham.  Mmmmm, good.  And served that with a fruit salad.  It was one of the rare occasions where everyone eats everything LOL

Okay, I haven’t been on the computer since Saturday so have some catching up to do…..

Adios for now!

~ Patty


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