It’s Wednesday…or at least I think it is

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 What a week this has been.

First off, I had to take my son to the allergy and asthma doctor on Monday…his cough was just too bad.  He was “barking” and it was wet and yucky and he didn’t want to go to school.  So I called the office and asked if they could squeeze him in and thank God, they did.  The doctor and I went over the past few months and his asthma is just getting worse.  It’s not in any kind of control, poor kid.  

So now he’s on a nebulizer every 3-4 hours around the clock.  Yes, that means that we have to set the clock to wake us up during the night so that he can have his treatments.  And I have to go to school to give him his treatments every 3 hours, too.  The doctor wrote a note for school, stating that ds isn’t supposed to have any physical exertion for a week, too.  That meant no basketball practice last night and no game on Saturday, too.

Along with the nebulizer treatments, he’s on steroid pills and has a new puffer for night use.  My gosh, that new puffer cost $50 even after the insurance coverage!  

And then yesterday while I was at school, my mom called about something…she’s been sick since last Wednesday with bronchitis.  While talking with her, she told me she’s been feverish, vomiting and coughing up greenish/yellow gunk.  Her doctor wouldn’t or couldn’t see her and only sent her a prescription.  I told her NOT to get the prescription and that I would either take her to the ER or the urgent care center in town.  So at 5pm last night, I dropped ds with dh at his office and went with mom to the urgent care center.  We didn’t get to see the doctor until 90 minutes later – the place was packed!  The doctor was really nice.  She said that my mom didn’t quite have pneumonia but it was a good thing that we took her in.  She gave her a steroid shot and an antibiotic and told her to take Mucinex to help thin out her gunk.

I didn’t get home last night until around 8 pm and I was exhausted.  And then my husband has the nerve to complain that we are out of MILK!  When was I supposed to go to the store?!?

My ds had to get to bed at 8 pm, then have a treatment at 10 pm, so I set the clock and fell into bed.  We were up at 10 pm, 1 am, 4 am and then he had a treatment at 7 am.  He’s tired of the treatments, poor little guy.

So that’s life for us this week.

Adios for now.

~ Patty

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