Bully Problems

March 10, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Bully, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My dh and I have an appointment with the school principal on Wednesday.  The bullying problem has gone on too long and has gotten out of hand.  This child – the bully – I’ll call him B for Bully – told my child the other day that “Everybody in class hates you!”  Excuse me?  This is supposed to be a Christian environment we’re sending our children to….when I told the teacher her response was that she had no idea he said it, and that she’d keep her eyes on him.  Yeah, like that can happen in a roomful of 19 children.  I spoke to a mom on Friday night at a birthday party (the B was not there) and she said her son comes home daily with reports about B, things he has said or done to other children.  Another mom I spoke with said her son has had confrontations with B also and she’s tired of it.  And my dh spoke with a mom today and she knows about B – and her children aren’t even in the same grade as B and my son!

I’m furious.  The claws are out and I’m looking for BLOOD and it’s going to be noisy when we meet, I can promise you that.  And if the principal won’t do anything, dh and I have already decided we’re going to our Priest, who is over the principal of the school.  If I have to, I’ll call ALL the parents in our class to get behind us.  This child is mean and cruel – yeah, he has a drunk for a father, his parents are divorced, his mom remarried – but that doesn’t give him the right to be mean and cruel to ANYONE.

I told dh I’ve been temped to tell ds to just SLUG HIM next time he says or does something cruel, but we both know that ds wouldn’t hurt a fly….he’s a sensitive and gentle child and he doesn’t deserve this CRAP.

So please say a prayer for us – we need to handle this well – yet let this principal know that the trouble has gone on for too long.  Too many children are being hurt by B’s words and actions.  

I’m stepping into the office tomorrow for a copy of the school’s Handbook to research what – if anything – it says about treatment of others and about punishments.


Being a mom is tough work.  I love my boy so much and won’t put up with any nonsense any longer.

Vent over!

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming!!!

~ Patty


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