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 Well yesterday afternoon was our conference with the principal and I must say that dh and I were totally disappointed in her.  Her reaction was one of mainly “We can’t be everywhere, knowing what is going on or what is being said by all children.”

She was defensive and showed no empathy.

The ONLY positive thing she stated was that the child’s mother is aware of some of the issues going on with her son and they were “working together” to get things improved.

When I asked for my son’s file to see documentation of our conferences (mine and his teacher’s), she stated that there was NO documentation and that she had not been spoken to after our February 15 conference when she (the teacher) promised to speak with her.  That ticked me off.  Why would the teacher lie? I can’t believe she did that…….I’m very disappointed.  My mom told me to confront the teacher about it, but I am finished speaking with her about the problem.

My dh and I spoke last night and we are going to begin documenting each and every complaint that ds comes home with.  I am to write a note to the school about the problems, and keep notes for ourselves, so that when we do go to our Parish Priest with the issue, we’ll have proof of what’s been going on…….or should I say what’s NOT been going on?

Y’know, I was never a public school teacher, I only taught preschool, but we were told in college, in teacher ed classes,  to show empathy for our parents when they approached us with a problem, but this principal had none for us.  None.  I didn’t expect her to fall at our feet and beg our forgiveness but I had hoped for some empathy.

I dropped my ds at school this morning, told him that we loved him and to have a good day…..I am fearful some mornings when I drop him off, not knowing how his day will be.

Oh yeah, speaking of my mom, she said that SHE would be willing to go to the school and kick some butt LOL!  She’s very protective of her only grandson.

I told her that we had to give the principal a chance….see how things went for a couple of weeks….then decide if we were going to see the Priest.  I hate to bother him, he’s so busy and he has so many things he’s managing and he doesn’t needed any added stress but it is his responsibility to oversee the school.

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page.

Then I have a Region 2 meeting today………..

Hasta la vista!

~ Patty


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