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It’s been a nice morning.

I worked in the school library this morning, but not this afternoon.  I decided to come here instead and do some research.  Apparently, there’s a law in my state against bullying and I want to research it and see what it says.

While I was in the library, the principal came in to tell me that she spoke with the children (all from K-6) this morning at Morning Prayer about the bullying and harassments that have been going on.  She told me that they role-played a couple of situations and discussed feelings and how to stop someone from bothering another one.  Her idea of helping the issue is having the children police each other and tell each other when someone is being cruel or whatever.  Nice thought, but I still feel that it’s the administration’s place to stop the bullying and not the childrens’ themselves.  And she also told me that one of the police officers in town will be coming into my son’s class next Wednesday to speak to the children about bullying and how to handle it.  She seemed pretty pleased with herself.  Still showed no signs of empathy, which breaks my heart.  I was polite to her and all that…..didn’t snub her or ignore her…..

We had a “Healing Mass” this morning at church and it was very nice.  We had a nice crowd; mainly elderly people with a few people my age (46!) or so…..and a handful of younger ones.  Afterwards, the PCCW provided a free luncheon (mac and cheese, tomato soup, salads and desserts, since it’s Friday there was no meat).  I helped clean up afterwards.  I’m helping next Saturday before the Easter Vigil Mass.  We always serve approximately 150 people at around 10:00 pm.  My job is to prepare the hams and toss them into the oven.  For two years straight, I ran the meal and it was a lot of work.  Last year I helped with the hams, then left.  This year I’m doing the same.  I’m not spending the night at church doing everything like usual.  Part of me feels guilty and part of me doesn’t.  I have to know when to say no.

Okay, off to check on the laws.  Time for Google!

~ Patty


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