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Good news!  I saw the doctor yesterday at the bariatrics center and he approved me!  I have to meet just three requirements and my file can be sent into Medicare:

1.  Copy of 2006 stress test done after I was having chest pains; the chest pains were discovered to be a pulled muscle

2.  Clearance letter from my nephrologist

3.  Pulmonary Function Test

That’s it.  Approval could come as early as THREE WEEKS!  Then we have one more trip up to the center for my day-long meetings with the nutritionist, exercise physiologist, psychologist and anesthesiologist.  THEN we can schedule SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already have a copy of my stress test (got it from my primary care doc) and will mail it to the center tomorrow.  My nephrologist has been called and will get the letter to them next week (he’s out this week and part of next week).  As far as the PFT, I’ve called my primary care doc and they told me to just call the local hospital….did that twice and nobody called me back today.  Tomorrow if I have time, I may just pop in and find the department and ask about it.


I’m so happy!

But the morning didn’t start off so great…you would NOT believe this!

The moment my dh started my car, the OIL LIGHT came on.  He said I was probably a quart low, so we stopped at a car shop on the way into drop ds at school and he put in a quart.  Hmmmm, the light didn’t turn out!  So we dropped ds at school and headed to another car shop for another quart.  He put it in and it disappeared!  Hmmmmm!  Apparently there was a serious LEAK!  So we immediately called my mom and asked if we could borrow her car and thank God she said YES, so we drove over (worried about having NO OIL in my car!) and sped off to Columbia.  My appointment was for 12:45 and we got there at 12:40!

Today my car was towed (thank you, AAA!) and repaired.  Thank God there was no engine damage due to having no oil because of the darned leak.  There was a problem with the oil filter that caused the leak.  Not sure I understood how dh explained it to me, but it was something with the oil filter……all I know is that I’m glad we could borrow mom’s car and get there in time!

Okay, off to my Friends’  Page!

~ Patty


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