Hello, Thursday!

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It’s a beautiful day…..the rain finally stopped and the flooding is going away.  Things were pretty hairy around here.  One young man (age 19) was swept away and drowned in a local creek.  At least four others have drowned in flood-related news.

But now it’s going to be in the 60s and the sun is shining!  My ds only has half a day of school and is off tomorrow for Good Friday.  I have an appointment with Dr. O to check on the progress of my neck…..I had some numbness on Sunday (my hand and my elbow went numb before church).  Other than that and the pain that went on the day of the epidural injection, things have been fine.  So, I guess we don’t have to do anything until things AREN’T fine.  Am going to ask about surgery, though.  As dh tells me, we can do everything we want to to ease the symptoms, but without surgery itself, the problem won’t go away.  I don’t want surgery right now – I think my wl surgery is the priority – but I will eventually need the neck surgery to get rid of these bone spurs.

I have my copy of the stress test to mail to the surgeon in Columbia.  And my nephrologist is supposed to send my clearance letter next week.  He’s out of the office this week and part of next.  I have a call in to my primary care physician, asking her to request the pulmonary function test for me at the local hospital.  So I’ve done all I can for now to meet my requirements for my file to be submitted to insurance (Medicare).

I need to contact Medicare to see if they’ve added Part B yet.  My dh had to take a Medicare form to his HR department and have them complete it.  They did, and they mailed it in to Medicare.  Now I need to see if it’s official….that means a long phone call LOL

Okay, that’s it for me.  Maybe I’ll BBL.

~ Patty


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