Happy Wednesday!

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So far this morning I have:

1.  Gotten up
2.  Showered and dressed
3.  Woke up ds and got him ready for school
4.  Dropped him off at school
5.  Ate breakfast
6.  Went to hospital for Pulmonary Function Test 
7.  Got groceries for the rest of the week
8.  Stripped beds and threw sheets in the washer
9.  Called the mortgage company re: claim check for damage of storm in January
10.  Checked my email

Hmm, doesn’t sound like much considering I’ve been up since 6:00 am LOL

The Pulmonary Function Test was hard.  I was feeling a little lightheaded by the time it was over.  But the good news is that the tech said that I passed it.  She’s sending a copy to my family doc and one to the pulmonary doc in the city.  I’ll call my family doc later on today and ask her to get me a copy so that I can send it to the bariatric center.  I’ll have to get it sent in this week since I don’t know how long I’ll be out of commission after surgery on Monday.

I know now why I delayed in calling the mortgage company regarding the claim check.  Those phone systems where you call in and have to push your numbers in, including your account number, drive me batty.  And then once I got to the customer service department, they said I had to call a different number…they connected me, but somehow I didn’t get through and had to call back again.  Then once I did, they still sent me to the wrong department but this time, I didn’t get disconnected and finally spoke to a real human being.  SHEESH!

Anyway, I’m already packed for the hospital on Monday.  I figured I’m going to spend the next few days getting the house ready, including my family, so I better take care of my bag today.  Of course, my dh will laugh at me when he sees that I’m “ready to go” but that’s alright.  I’d rather be ready early than be rushing around on Monday morning at 5:00 am trying to find things!

OH and I went to the blood center yesterday (AGAIN) and they couldn’t find a good vein, so I wasn’t able to give blood for myself.  Hopefully I won’t need any during/after surgery but if I do, I trust the CBCO.

I don’t think I posted about my FIRST trip to the blood center (on Monday).  They wouldn’t take my blood – wouldn’t even TRY because I supposedly had a fever.  It was ridiculous, I told the nurse that I didn’t feel sick and didn’t think her machine was right but they sent me home and said to come back tomorrow (which was yesterday, Tuesday).

After yesterday’s fiasco – three nurses trying to find a vein and leaving me bruised and battered – I told them I would not be back!  I wasn’t mean or rude about it, I just told them that two times was enough.  I’ll use whatever blood they’ve got already from donors.

Anyhoooooooooooooo, that’s life.

Going to go and see what’s new on my Friends’ Page!

~ Patty


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