I forgot to Post about an Idiot Nurse I had in the Hospital

April 6, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Posted in Neck/Spine Surgery, Speech, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

And then I was looking up cervical collars to post a link to a friend to prove I’m not in an Elizabethan dog collar (the ones that will prevent me from biting out my stitches LMAO  –  ouch!) and then I remembered the CERVICAL DRAIN issue that we had on Tuesday night.  

He was a pretty cute nurse from what I could tell.  He turned on the light and said that he wanted to check my cervical drain, and I thought, okay, no biggie….then he started taking my blanket off my chest and lowering it and I was like, WTH are you doing?  Talk about coming awake pretty darn quickly LOL  I said, NO, not that kind of cervical drain, this kind (pointing at my cervical collar on my neck!).  

What a goof.

What if I hadn’t been awake enough to stop him?  Jeepers.

Anyway, I’m feeling really good today.  I slept all night through, for the first time since surgery on Monday.  Whew!  It felt so GOOD!

My dh and ds are supposed to be outdoors cutting grass but I haven’t heard anything from them for a couple of hours.  They probably ended up at Lowe’s or Walmart and forgot about the grass.

I have a call in to a friend for tomorrow….my son has speech along with hers and another little one and April was supposed to have been my month to pick them up after speech (at the public school, then to deliver them to our school).  Well since I can’t drive, I need to see if Christi will trade months with me.

I need to do some laundry but am not supposed to stoop or bend or carry heavy things.  So I sat there on the bed and stared at it for a while.  No good.  It just kind of sat there on the floor and didn’t move.  So now I have to wait for dh and ds to come home.

I can’t do much besides this.  OOOH!  I hear the lawnmower!  Maybe I can go out and find ds.


~ Patty


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