Happy Sunday!

April 13, 2008 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Day's Accomplishments, Soccer, Uncategorized, Weather, Weight Loss Surgery | Leave a comment

It’s so COLD outside!  We froze yesterday at the soccer game and this morning when we were leaving for church, it was actually SNOWING!

Is this April?

In January we had tornadoes and ice storms and now that it’s April, we are having snow.  It won’t amount to anything, just a few flakes, but JEEPERS!

Dinner is in the oven:  SOUPer Roast.  I browned a chuck roast in a bit of canola oil, then added a can of Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom Soup and a can of water and popped it into the oven.  It’ll bake on 350* until 5:00 pm.  Then I’ll mash some potatoes and fix up some corn and we’ll be set for dinner.  I also have a package of Bisquick Cheesy Garlic biscuits.  YUMMY!

I’ve also done a few loads of laundry…three.  And have been shopping for groceries.

Tomorrow I go see my endocrinologist.  I wonder if he’ll be happy to see my weight (which is about the same as last time).  At least I can give him a positive update regarding my weight loss surgery!

One of the neighbor boys is here…he’s 12.  He and ds are doing something rather noisy…one of them just ran up the stairs and the other followed.  Hmmmm, maybe I ought to pop out of the office and see what they’re up to?

Maybe I’ll BBL.


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