So yesterday was a crappy day

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I had a HUGE fight with my mother.  I mean, HUGE.  I said things to her I now wish I could take back but at the time, I was so hurt and angry, the words just flew out of my big mouth.

She rejected me again.

She does this on a regular basis….she’ll call me and tell me “Don’t come over” without any real reason and here I sit, wondering if I have done something.  Sometimes she’ll tell me she’s sick, but I don’t know for sure if she is or not.

What brought this on, is that we ordered a lot of clothes for me from QVC.  When we figured out the total it was over $200 and I told her, “We can cancel some of them, that’s a lot of money” but she REFUSED.

Until yesterday when the clothes got to her house from the UPS man.

She said I could have one outfit but that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with the rest of the outfits, and to please stay away for TWO WEEKS.

Okay, that’s BS.

If someone is MAD at me, tell me, yell at me, and get over it.  Don’t throw me away like a piece of garbage.

She doesn’t know how to handle anger.  HELLO, you’re 72 years old, if you don’t know yet how to handle anger, I don’t think your ever going to learn!

I have put up with this for nearly three years (since she’s moved here – she got kicked out of my brother’s home – long story, but it’s sort of like this theme here that I’m living with).  Yesterday I was crying so hard after the fight, I called my brother in Michigan and we talked for a long time.  I felt better after talking with him.  He understands the frustration that she can cause.  He told me that she’s a master manipulator and to just stay away from her.  And to not let her hurt my son with this crap.

Anyway, I feel better today.  Tomorrow three girlfriends and I are going to the District Council of Catholic Women’s Conference on the east side of Missouri.  We leave early early in the morning and come home on Saturday.

Today for lunch, I’m meeting with my AA sponsor.  I haven’t seen her for a few weeks, so it’ll be good to touch base with her.

Now I’m off to my Friends’ Page to see what’s new in the world.

~ Patty


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