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I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my bariatric surgeon’s office – telling me that the insurance papers WERE mailed in to the insurance company and that I need to contact the insurance company next week and ASK THEM if the papers were received and then to keep on calling them to make sure things go smoothly.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right,

the-new-perfect?!?  I’m going to SQUEAK as much and as often as I can until I get approved!!

I had lunch with my AA sponsor and good friend, Margaret.  Went for Chinese, YUMMY!  I didn’t overeat, either, isn’t that great?!?  I had a bowl of egg drop soup, an egg roll, two crab rangoon and one pot sticker.  Then a small serving of Mongolian Beef, a couple of Lemon Chicken pieces and some chicken fried rice.  And hot tea.  And a glass of ice water.  I know I’m not supposed to drink with meals as a practice for AFTER my WL surgery, but how can I have Chinese without hot tea? LOL

I’m already packed for tomorrow, for the DCCW Conference.  My stuff barely fit into my small suitcase, but I managed.  I’m just staying for ONE night, but jeepers, my suitcase is full LOL

Next Wednesday is our Salad Luncheon Extravaganza! at church….I need to find some workers for the Luncheon.  I can call tonight when I get home.

After picking up ds from school, I am going to the Y to work out.  I didn’t go yesterday because I was so darned upset over the fight with my mom.  It would have been an ideal time to work out…work off some steam, kwim?  But I wasn’t thinking straight.  So I’ll go today.

That’s all for now!  WOW, two posts from me in one day.

~ Patty



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